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Old stock yours cheap! The current (orange) edition of Melbourne Precincts retails for $40, so we're selling these older copies for half price. We'll even mark up the old venues with new suggestions for you, too. 

Melbourne is an eclectic city full of top-quality restaurants, stylish shops and graffiti laneways hiding doors to cocktail bars, galleries and the hippest boutiques. Divided into itineraries by suburbs, Melbourne Precincts takes you to the very best of Melbourne’s shopping, eating and drinking experiences for locals and tourists alike. Interviews with Melbourne locals that represent the city’s creative community also highlight favourite haunts, and the extra touring and accommodation tips thrown in make this a handy guidebook, as well as being a beautiful keepsake.

Now in its third printing and twice revised, Melbourne Precincts is a guide to 200 of our favourite places across 20 Melbourne suburbs, including cafes, bars, shops, hotels and other places. 

A great gift for discerning locals and visitors looking to explore the city and its suburbs. 

Words by Dale Campisi / Photography by Brady Michaels

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