SIGNS OF AUSTRALIA: vintage signs from the city to the outback

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Once upon a time, hand-crafted signs brought colour and vibrancy to Australian towns and cities; seen on milk bars and motels, and advertising much loved brands like Bushells, Rosella and Peter’s Ice Cream. Today, many of these old signs, or 'ghost signs' promote brands and businesses that no longer exist. Now faded and slowly disappearing, these signs tell the story of Australian life over two centuries.

Photographer Brady Michaels took thousands of photos across the country on an epic 40,000km road trip, capturing the vivid colours and character of Australia. Over 500 of these are included in this book.

The beautifully composed images in Signs of Australia are a nostalgic celebration of the 'good old days'. In his introduction, writer Dale Campisi ponders the significance of these fading and disappearing signs — artful, kitsch, and at times hilarious — lovingly preserved through Brady’s lens.

256pp | 155x200mm


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