What have we done for you lately?

Good question, Janet ; ) Our life is often a blur of projects, work travel and squeezing in weekend escapes to Hunting Ground whenever we can. So I guess we have been up to a bit lately, because I have to wrack my brain to remember everything.

In good news, we've been commissioned to produce a photographic book on vintage signs in Australia, which will involve me (Brady) hitting the road and shooting iconic Aussie signs along the way ... with a camera. Dale will contribute some of his choiceest words while exploring the fascinating topics of typography, place, advertising and Australian history. More news to come, once we sign our contract! 

We've also been gathering new content for a reprint of Melbourne Precincts, due at the end of 2016 (with Hardie Grant Explore). This update will mix Dale's favourite classic Melbourne venues with exciting new additions to the dining, drinking and shopping scenes. As usual, Brady Michaels has photographed a bunch of beautiful shops, bars and other nice places for the book. 

Melbourne Precincts (with Tokyo Precincts and Hong Kong Precincts) also recently won Best Designed Series at the Australian Book Design Awards 2016. Congratulations to Michelle Mackintosh for her bonza design inside and out!

The Gents Guide to Australia book is still in development as we figure out how to get to as many corners of this big, wide country as possible. We recently visited South Australia on a journey through the Clare Valley to the spectacular Flinders Ranges, where we stayed in an eco villa at Rawnsley Park Station

Early morning view of the Flinders Ranges from our eco villa - pastel perfect!

It was good to read that each villa contains straw bales and is solar powered. It was also luxurious and super comfy. The locally-sourced food provisions (including a lovely bottle of wine) were much welcome, especially after the long drive from Clare. We'll write more on this first stage of our national journey in the weeks to come : ) In the meantime, here's a photo of us vogueing.


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