G’day! We’re The Gents. We tell stories about Australia. 

We're a creative couple who have written, designed, photographed and published numerous travel, history, food and art books over the course of our 15 year personal and creative partnership. We've also created pop-up shops, space activations, art installations, exhibitions and events, as well as establishing a successful local goods store in Melbourne's CBD.  

We're currently interviewing interesting Tasmanians for our weekly At Home column in The Mercury's TasWeekend magazine, and restoring a little country cottage in Tasmania's midlands. 

Want to get in touch? Send us an email at thegentsguide [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Brady Michaels is a creative fellow whose work spans writing, photography, illustration and design. He's currently taking his camera on the road for his Signs of Australia photo book.

Dale Campisi has a passion for history, place and good ideas. You can catch him on the popular Unlocked Tour of Melbourne Central, and behind the scenes of the Open House Hobart architecture festival.

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